About Us

For over 35 years Nantucket Home has been growing and evolving.  We began as Nantucket Quilt Store in 1975 after the founders, Rick & Nan Tofanelli, visited Nantucket Island and fell in love with the quilts, baskets and other crafts from the island.  Their concept was well received and their store thrived in their little shop on 3rd Street in downtown Chico, California.  Nantucket Quilt Store quickly developed into what it is today, Nantucket Home, selling quality and stylish upholstery, casegoods and home accessories from all over the world.  

Rick and Nan still take a hands-on approach of the store’s image and personality.  Many days Nan can be found displaying merchandise; always envisioning a fresh look. Most of her time, however, is helping new and returning clients, home builders and developers with floor plans, color schemes and editing building blueprints.  Rick, on the other hand, is usually found talking about pretty much anything, but especially our hand-knotted rugs and antique furnishings.

Today the business has developed into more than a husband and wife team; now all three of Rick and Nan’s daughters, along with a wonderful 12-person staff, take part in Nantucket Home’s management and future in Northern California as a leader in quality home furnishings and design. “We are extremely excited to open the doors of our new Nantucket Home and welcome long-time friends and new customers,” said Rick Tofanelli, company co-Founder. “The beautifully renovated space on the corner of 6th & Broadway is the perfect showcase for our talented design team. It also represents the blending of our roots in Downtown Chico with our vision for the next generation of our business and the direction of the market.”

While Nantucket Home’s style is ever-evolving with the changing seasons, you will always find wonderful treasures, like the baskets and crafts from earlier years, at Nantucket Home. And while their practical approach keep Rick and Nan busy, their travels to distant places and their quest for more exceptional and unique pieces will never end in order to bring a little bit of the world to Nantucket Home.